Mr. Oliver



My name is Branden Oliver, and I love to entertain and educate! I'm a music teacher by day and an entertainer at all times. I've done a little bit of everything ranging from originals and parodies on the radio, to dancing in front of thousands at festivals, to winning a lip-sync battle, and writing music and doing voice over work for commercials for radio and tv.


A few of my life's mottos:

Always take life seriously, but don't always be serious.

Tilt the world to one side and see it in a new way.

When you sign your name to something, you're saying, "This is how capable I am." Exhausting as it is, do your best. Always.


Enjoy my site!

Check out favorite personal entertainment experiences including that time I sang to my cat in the bathroom, sang about fried food for the Iowa State Fair, and that time I participated in a lip-sync battle.